The White Label Coffee Company

You do the branding, we'll sort out the coffee

About us

We have been in the coffee industry for over 15 years and worked with the best coffee roasting companies and distributors in UK. Do you want to sell high quality coffee to your customers but don’t have coffee roasting facilities? Let us do the job! You concentrate on the brand design, we’ll get your coffee sorted. We are based in Croydon, South London. We ship worldwide.


Do we match your needs?

If you sell over 50Kg of coffee beans per week and want to create your own brand we are the right company for you. Ideal for coffee shops and restaurants, chains/pubs/catering companies, delicatessens and food stores. Your beans will be packed in a bag size of your choice and shipped over to you with your customised label.

How it works

– Get in touch to explain your needs and projected consumption.

– With the help of our coffee experts you can try our range of beans and select the most suitable ones for your clients. We can organise cupping sessions at our roastery in Croydon.

– Create your customised labels using the provider of your choice. These will have to be shipped to us and we’ll apply them onto the bags before shipping over your orders. We will be able to support you with the labelling regulations.

– Please note that we do not offer dropshipping – i.e. all the roasted coffee will be shipped to your site and your team will then distribute it to your clients

Who we are

The White Label Coffee Company was founded by 2 friends that have been working for 15 years in the coffee industry

Roberto in front of our warehouse in Croydon


The journey that brought us to found this Company started when we decided to open a coffee shop in Fulham (West London) in June 2013. Roberto, with strong financial management and organisation skills and Simone with past experience in a coffee exporting Company in Guatemala, barista trainer and coffee roaster in UK.

After a couple of years we decided to dedicate a small area of our first cafe to roast coffee beans and we bought a 5kg coffee roasting machine. In the beginning of 2015 the brand of 80 Stone Coffee Roasters was born. The coffee business grew rapidly and we opened our second cafe in Southwark in July 2016 – 80 Stone Cafe. It was in the middle of 2018 that we realised that the shop in Fulham was too small to cope with the big demand of of roasted coffee, and also the 5 kg roaster was just not big enough to be able to roast consistently and in large quantities. In December 2018 the production was moved to an industrial unit in Croydon (South London) and we decided to upgrade our coffee roasting equipment. The new 30kg Petroncini roaster was delivered in March 2019 along with a new coffee destoner machine and storing tanks. Our first 5kg roaster is still functional and it is used to roast small batches of coffee. We were recently praised for our roasting ability on Caffeine Magazine for our work with the Amatte brand.    

Why White Label Coffee was born  

During our coffee roasting journey in UK we spoke with hundreds of baristas and business owners. In many occasions we found that there was an interest to be more involved with the process of choosing and roasting the beans that were being sold in their shops, either that be a single origin or an espresso blend.    

Simone with our Petroncini 30Kg coffee roaster


At the end of 2016 we added a special feature to our “professional barista” training session: the trainees were presented to a cupping table with a selection of the beans that we had on offer. After a cupping session they got to choose their favourite coffees to be used as an espresso, or to blend them together. This process is incredibly useful to help the client to learn more about coffee beans, and more importantly to understand why some that are amazing when brewed with a Chemex might work not so well as an espresso. We also found that many cafe and restaurant owners felt the necessity to serve coffee with their own brand. White label coffee is now a need for many establishments that want to serve high quality coffee using their own private label.

Our philosophy

Roberto visited several coffee farms during his trip to Central America in early 2019


We promote full traceability with most of our coffees and we work following a policy of social responsibility and sustainable practices.

Our team is dedicated to sourcing some of the best quality beans from around the world. If you’re unsure on where to start, just ask and we’d be happy to guide you through the wholesale process. You’re already very close to get your White Label Coffee!


Contact us

Get in touch to know more, here at White Label Coffee we’re ready to help